The Full Catastrophe


On CD.


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“The Full Catastrophe is the masterpiece that needs to be heard by everyone.

This is the sound of a man just happy to be alive, and nothing says that more than Zorba the Greek style tale that inspired the album’s title. The psuedo-title track, “Kiss Me (The Full Catastrophe)” is a jazz-inflected jaunt that directly references Joni Mitchell’s “Help Me.” There’s glam-rock (“Respectable”), psychedelia (“Before Tomorrow”) and even a bare country ballad (“Bustop).” Then there’s “Right Mind,” a sexed-up groove that was apparently written as Coleman’s wedding proposal. Finally, not to be outdone by too much mid-tempo schmaltz, “Backdown” kicks it all out with a rave-up destined to be a set or show stopper.”

Scott Caffrey, JamBase