These are the lyrics to ‘Lolina’. I obsess over lyrics word for word, rhythm by rhythm, literally scratching syllables out. As far as the herbs,fun for arrangements and good for tedious area’s of making music, but usually always I write straight and sober like the morning time. I have only one tune I’ve ever written stoned – I Think I Don’t Mind – I wrote that on hash one day. But to me it sounds like anything else I’ve written.

It took me a while to use grinders, something about the process to me brings a different vibe to smoking herb. But to my Virgo mind they make great economical sense, so sure.

Lolina… this is for a Mexican bank teller at Wells Fargo in Round Rock, Texas.  The Mexican women in Texas are very exotic with Indian features. They’re like the calendars in the taqueria, these epic brown goddesses of the Earth. Catches you off guard till you acclimate to it. That caught me off guard. I started writing the song later that day.