I’m very excited and honored to have friends Joe Kramer, Mike Dillon and fellow Newark native Robbie ‘SeaHag’ Mangano, joining the ranks of amazing guests on the new amandla record. Rokkk on gents, bless ya hearts.


amandla is also very excited and honored to be joining the family of Effective Immediately PR,  as well as the management family at Rocky Mountain Artists.


Out of the melee of writing stand 12 songs. It’s been a painful, gut wrenching, soul crushing few months going to these places where this music has come from. But it’s all coalescing, despite some rather extraordinary setbacks and hiccups during the process; my trusty 335 was a bit of a wreck intonation wise from the car trip out here out into the thick Tejas climate, and it took four guys over the course of two weeks to get it good; then my engineer was laid up for over a week with a bulging disk; the studio dog was skunked one week, clouding every airspace in the building with the noxious, toxic odor – holy hell that’s intense. The smell sticks to everything – the strings of the guitars, clothes, and transfers to  your fingertips so you carry it around, it sticks to your clothes… it’s wretched  – it literally smells like a dead man on fire. I used to like that smell cause it reminds me of tasty herb, but the up-close deal is truly a nightmare come alive.


In the interim, not keeping busy enough I guess, I’ve been messing around a bit with Jeff Pinkus’s Pure Luck doing fun bar gigs and classic BBQ backyard jams where men wrassle in the mud pausing only to pull from their respective bottles of Jim Beam. I love Austin, TX with all of my heart, I always had a home here. Folks are bringing me in here real nice like. Pure Luck’s jamming tomorrow at a benefit show featuring David Yow of Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid.


Pinkus also just put me on the dream gig of a lifetime for a little ole black boy from Jersey – New Year’s Eve, with Honky, Austin TX. I’m going to chop folks’ balls right the hell off, but please don’t take it personal, it’s just what I do.