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03 Dec

December 3, 2016

I have to find the lost tracks for ‘crazy tightass’

03 Dec

December 3, 2016


07 Oct

October 7, 2016

Throwback: cutting it up with ‘Chocolate’ Chip Moore at the old Headhunter’s, Austin, Texas. South By Southwest, 2010. photo by Jesse Liriola, edits by cci

25 Sep

Follow What Brings You – New Record Taster Feat. Curt Kirkwood

September 25, 2015

Enjoy this fine taster from the new record. This is from a track called Follow What Brings You, and features a Curt Kirkwood from Meat Puppets solo. amandla has had a lot of killer players and sounds and Curt still managed to raise the bar. enjoy –

11 Sep

Thank You –

September 11, 2015

Many thanks to all that made it to the first night of our September residency this past Sunday. It was real fun like with an intimate, speakeasy-type vibe. The band’s just warming shit up. And cheers to all the good folks working at Dirty South. We’re eagerly looking forward to this weekend’s show and sharing the stage with the wonderful Camp David, proudly representing Asheville. Posting vids and other content candy soon –

05 Sep

amandla Residency, Asheville NC

September 5, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, the amandla residency in September. Every Sunday. FREE ! Sharing the stage with some of AVL’s coolest. Looking forward to rocking it with the new band, jumpstarting the future –

08 Jun


June 8, 2015

Like the sun, it really does.


It would take some time to completely tally up every single individual responsible for the making of this record; the CD booklet will be thick. A lot of life happened making this one, until the very end. It very well could be Full Catastrophe II.


But, I did it – we did it. To amandla’s supporters, to my family and my friends, thank you –



06 Apr

Fly Like an Eagle, amandla – WFMU Compilation

April 6, 2015

Very proud to be a part of the WFMU radio legacy by supporting their 2015 fundraising with an exclusive track for their 70’s covers-compilation: Even More Super Hits of the 70’s.  amandla performs Fly Like an Eagle, and it flies, it flies. Show your love for an institution of free radio by supporting or sharing –

31 Mar

March 31, 2015

In the shed with a few of the core amandla; Dave Gilbert on guitar and drummer Kent Spillman. Sounds rocking.


Time for a long-needed update on amandla and the new record.


As records do, they sometimes end up taking years – they all seem to somehow, even those with budgets rivaling Lockheed Martin. When it’s money out of pockets for everything to get jumpstarted, things take even longer amounts time, months rolling over each other. The funding that was raised was stretched forever and ever! However, really it was shy of what was completely necessary to see the entire project through to the end, so things get snagged and stretched out.


Then you get work, it’s great work, its what you do, you do it, duh of  course, that’s the way it goes. And then you do more work, and more work –


Then you’re back. A finished record finally ready to master, a good studio to do you a good deal, players to assemble, get set go. Which is where we’re at! Things will start to be moving fast with some local regional stuff and a May/June Asheville residency while the fundraisers marinate with their record copies (and perks) and we set a release date. We’re also working into some of these fun local festivals including the glorious LEAF festival in the fall.


Once we get this record done, we’ll crack open the bubbly that’s still there – waiting in Austin.


The praise from the released tunes has been beautiful. Chomping at the bit am I to perform the music with some of the most beastly players. I’m playing LOUD. I like playing loud.


Again I have to express love and gratitude for the support and patience everyone’s given me. This record was essentially The Full Catastrophe Part II. It’s my hope that it will be an amazing thing to have been a part of and a most rad point of pride whilst amandla kicks it onstage. Cheers and please stay tuned.

03 Feb

February 3, 2015